Hear a TeeBee in action!

The only way is to test the instrument yourself. That's why Syntecno has a 1 month money back guarantee.
All the following audio files are clean, without any effects.

Track nr. Saw Square Ring MP3 with knob movements MIDI file
1 saw1.wav square1.wav ring1.wav saw1 track1.mid
2 saw2.wav square2.wav ring2.wav saw2 track2.mid
3 saw3.wav square3.wav ring3.wav square3 track3.mid
4 saw1.wav square4.wav ring4.wav square4 track4.mid
5 saw5.wav square5.wav ring5.wav ring5 track5.mid
6 saw6.wav square6.wav ring6.wav ring6 track6.mid
7 saw7.wav square7.wav ring7.wav saw7 track7.mid
8 saw8.wav square8.wav ring8.wav saw8 track8.mid
9 saw9.wav square9.wav ring9.wav square9 track9.mid


Trancy-hardcore with distortion ( 72kb ) Long trancy saw